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32-088 Przybysławice
province: małopolskie
Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

rej. zab. nr A – 169/M
ul. Benedyktyńska 37
30 - 398 Kraków
province: małopolskie

Advantages of the place



The Korzkiew Castle is located 14 km away from the centre of Kraków. Situated within the buffer zone of the Ojców National Park, this 14th century fortress, is one of the series of defensive fortifications along the famous Eagle Nests Trail.


Unique accommodation

Sophisticated interior details, fire crackling in the hearths, wrought-iron banisters, portraits of ancestors… all of these contribute to a warm atmosphere which makes one feel like home.


The Castle’s surroundings

The mediaeval walls still offer the unique atmosphere of the years gone by and visitors can find traces of our ancestors' efforts and the air of castle's secrets.

Attractions in the neighbourhood

By far the biggest advantage of the location is the close proximity of the Ojców National Park, which is one of Poland’s most beautiful natural sites.
The Castle is also at a short distance from two other old fortifications: in Pieskowa Skała and in Ojców, as well as from picturesque limestone cliffs, ravines and caves. Like the Castle, the Korzkiew parish church from the early 17th century, situated on the neighbouring hill, has features indicative of its defensive character. At the Castle's foothills, the woodlands of the Landscape Park stretch far and wide. It is a perfect place for people searching for serenity and who enjoy romantic walks in the beautiful scenery of the Park and the Castle.

Room gallery

The “Brochwicz” Suite

The “Brochwicz” Suite

The chamber at the top of the tower, the “Brochwicz” suite, guarantees an amazing view from the windows. This chamber has two levels: the lower room with a large double bed and the spacious loft with two single beds. The spiral staircase leading up to the bathroom and loft is...

The “Syrokomla” Chamber

The “Syrokomla” Chamber

The sapphire walls, heavy maroon drapes, the stylish fireplace and the leather upholstered armchairs all create a truly romantic and calm atmosphere. From the landing you can easily access the truly charming arcaded gallery surrounding the inner courtyard. You can almost hear the clinking of the hoofs, maybe even spot...

The “Leliwa” Chamber

The “Leliwa” Chamber

The “Leliwa” is also known as the “honeymoon chamber”. After their wedding reception at the Castle, many newlyweds have chosen to stay the night in this room. The windows face East, South, and West making the room bright and proving you are in a real castle turret. On cold evenings, the...

The “Trzy Trąby” Chamber

The “Trzy Trąby” is located in the lower part of the castle.  Even though this lovely room is the smallest of our chambers, it has an appealing and unique character. Adding to the charm, a distinctive round window lets afternoon sunshine fill the room with a warm glow. The chamber...

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Services and attractions

  • 4 rooms
  • 4 Conference Rooms: Knightly, Renaissance, Crown Grand Master’s of the Hunt and Royal Room
  • Garden
  • Park
  • Horses


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