Conferences in historical buildings

Konferencje w zabytkach

Castles, palaces, manor-houses or townhouses were created for residential as well as representative purposes. By definition they were to serve the purposes of organising events which would increase the prestige as well as they would make the guests impressed by the beauty of architecture, the aesthetics of the interiors, the food culture as well as an extraordinary design of the surrounding area.

At present these values are particularly appreciated by the organisers of original and prestigious events who acknowledge a conscious image creation, wish that their guests receive a sublime welcome and exquisite taste and who pay special attention to a high standard of services. It concerns first of all people who organise events which do not resemble the ones taking place in standardised areas of modern conference rooms of network hotels.

In beautiful interiors, grandiloquent thoughts are born as well as a creative atmosphere, which will undoubtedly remain in the memory of the participants of conferences, business meetings, receptions or balls, all of which take place in  a natural scenery of historical architecture.

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