Hotel Polski pod Białym Orłem

Hotel Polski pod Białym Orłem

Kategoria: 5*
ul. Pijarska 17
31-015 Kraków
province: małopolskie
Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu Dom Gości opactwa Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

rej. zab. nr A – 169/M
ul. Benedyktyńska 37
30 - 398 Kraków
province: małopolskie

About the Hotel

The Korzkiew Castle is located 14 km away from Kraków. It is a 14th century fortress, one of the series of defensive fortifications along the famous Eagle Nests Trail. Raised from the ruins, it now houses a cosy hotel and reception and conference halls.

Visitors are offered four living chambers with high standard stylish design of a unique nature. Sophisticated interiors details, fire in the hearths, banisters of wrought-iron, ancestor portraits … The interior offers a warm, home-like atmosphere.

The oldest Gothic and Renaissance part of the Castle houses the reception and conference halls. Spacious interiors, appropriate acoustics, and original decorations favour the organisation of wedding receptions, corporate events and concerts. Another thing which makes a lasting impression is the Castle's inner yard surrounded with arcaded galleries - a place of feasts, knight tournaments, and courtly dances.

At the Castle's foothills, the woodlands of the Landscape Park stretch far and wide. It is a perfect place for people searching for serenity and who enjoy romantic walks in the beautiful scenery of the Park and the Castle. It is also a great site for organising of festivals, outdoor events, and picnics.

The mediaeval walls still offer the unique atmosphere of the years gone by and visitors can find traces of our ancestors' efforts and the air of castle's secrets. A walk around the grounds or a ride in a horse-drawn carriage are only the beginning of what one can do here. A nearby stud farm is open to those who want to attempt horse-riding. In winter time we organize horse-drawn sleigh rides – a traditional form of entertainment in Poland. Among the events held at the castle we have had: concerts of old and contemporary music with piano, guitar, lute and cello, jazz concerts, concerts of pipe organ music in the nearby church, folk music concerts, picnics in Old Polish style, open air theatrical performances, horse shows, knight shows, cannon fire, etc.

The Castle Park is also a great place to organise sports activities such as ropes courses, shooting contests, paintball games or balloon flights.




Professional Conference Centre

Holding any such meeting in a historical tenement house, surrounded by the beautiful architecture of the Old Town, will surely add splendour to the occasion.

Our offer includes two ultra-modern conference rooms with the capacity for as many as 150 people. Both rooms have screens, flipcharts, projectors, DVD players and a professional soundsystem. The Conference Centre is equipped with an intuitive RTI system with a wall panel and a mobile touch screen. Any additional equipment can be provided if necessary.

On top of that, the hotel has a banquet hall, ideally suited for formal receptions or business meetings. With smaller meetings in mind, requiring not only peace and quiet but also privacy, we have a smaller room for negotiations and debates.
Professional Conference Centre